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Nurse Workflow Chart

A graphic representation of the Home Visit Nurse Workflow:

Visit Checklist(s)

A step-by-step detailed instruction checklist to guide you through your visit(s)

Lab Reference Guide

This handy guide will help you determine which tube color is required for each test according to each lab site.

Dressing Change Protocol

View our company policy for dressing changes.

CADD/Curlin Pump YouTube Links

Please find the links below outlining a brief overview of how to load the CADD and Curlin pump, respectively. There are more detailed videos that can be found by simply searching YouTube with the keywords “CADD pump” or “Curlin pump” or some variation of that, depending on what you are specifically interested in.

Remember, these pumps are designed to remain connected to the patient 24 hours/7days a week with a built in TKO rate in between doses, if appropriate. The pumps are pre-programmed by Coram and cannot be reprogrammed without a special pin code that only Coram knows.

Our role is to teach the patient how to change the IV bag, IV tubing and the pump batteries once a day, approximately every 24 hours.

HH Online Charting Checklist

Find step-by-step instructions for accessing and submitting the required online charting for each follow-up nurse visit. These instructions are geared towards Windows users and will vary depending on your computer and software.

Video Tutorial: How to do Online Charting for follow-up visits in AdvancedMD

Download the "HH Online Charting Checklist" (above) before watching this training video. This video will walk you through the online charting process for completing nurse notes for follow-up visits in Advanced MD. Please plan to spend approximately 45 minutes to complete this training video.

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